Basically, we recommend that electrical thermography be carried out at least once a year on any vessel that could suffer serious consequences from a breakdown.

The electrical thermographer provides a verbal report on site immediately after carrying out the electrical thermography and at the end of each survey. Any fault deemed capable of causing serious consequences (e.g. personal injury, breakdown, short-circuiting, fire) is reported to the person responsible on site right away.




Must be repaired immediately


5 - 30°C  

Must be repaired within 2 weeks


3 - 5°C

Should be kept under observation


A written report, including a thermogram (image documentation), will subsequently be provided. The written report includes a list of the installations suveyed and a list of the faults detected. The faults are described and classified, and the amount of time required for repair will be specified. A report can also be made when no faults have been detected or there were no remarks to the electrical installations. The report and the mounting of dated inspection labels document the completion of the electrical thermography.

The report and documentation are prepared in accordance with the requirements of DBI (Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology) and are delivered by e-mail. USB flash drive or ordinary post.