• Plan the timing of electrical thermography survey of your electrical equipment.
  • ServiceatSea will dispatch a thermographer from a port in Denmark or abroad. 




  • The thermographer is conveyed to your ship by a pilot boat or similar.
  • The customer sees to it that electrical switchboards and cabinets are opened and doors/covers removed so it´s possible conduct the electrical thermography survey and assess the condition of your system.
  • A staff member empowered with appropriate responsibility by the customer must be available during the thermal imaging servey. the guarantees that the activities, survey and operation of the equipment comply with your company´s operating and safety regulations.
  • Electrical thernography surveys are carried out in accordance with the requirements of DBI (Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology)
  • Critical faults (fault class 1) must either be repaired right away or the power must be switched off until system has been repaired.


  • ServiceatSea sends a written report describing the installations surveyed, any faults discovered and how they are classified. The report can be sent by e-mail, USB flash drive and ordinary post.
  • The thermographer travels back from the agreed port of call.


By using Serviceatsea, your shipping company is assured that the thermographer:

  • is highly qualified pursuant to ASNT requirements of thermography, and that he continually retrained and brought up to date in new areas;
  • is certified according to the guidelines issued by DBI (the Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technonogy);
  • has the requisite experience and expertise for carrying out electrical thermography;
  • is coveres by valid third-party liability insurance.
  • uses high-quality equipment: Electrophysics Hotshot HD-XT thermal imaging camera;
  • works according to a quality system to ensure the quality of the electrical thermography servey.

An electrical thermographer must impartial, which in practice means that he is not allowed to conduct an electrical thermography survey of his own work or to offer to repair a system based on his electrical thermography.